Claim Questions and Answers

It is traumatic enough just being involved in an auto accident, or simple fender-bender, let alone having to worry about whether your vehicle is going to receive the best corrective repairs.

At Cruisers Collision you can expect quality workmanship and an auto body repair shop that cares about your concerns.

We work hard to ensure that your repairs go as smoothly as possible, however you may still encounter questions regarding your claim and repair process.

Read below to learn more about some of our more commonly asked questions:

Need a Loaner Car?

For more information, contact your local insurance broker.

If you have loss of use on your package policy then your insurance will cover the cost.   Just ask us to book a rental while your vehicle is being repaired.  Most Rental companies will pick you up at our shop when you drop off your vehicle. Once your vehicle is done, you return your rental and they will shuttle you back to our shop to pick up your vehicle.

Will my car be returned to me in its original pre-accident condition?

Our goal is to repair your damaged automobile to its original pre-loss condition. Our staff of highly trained specialists will perform the proper repairs on your vehicle and return it to you as quickly as possible and in its pre-accident condition.

When do I pay for the repairs to my automobile?

You will pay your deductible when the repairs on your vehicle are complete and ready for pickup.

Am I provided a warranty on the repairs you perform on my vehicle?

We are so confident in the quality of our work that we offer a lifetime warranty on the repairs performed on your vehicle.

What does 'Use of Aftermarket or Used Parts' mean?

Your claim might state “This Appraisal May Contain the Use of Aftermarket and/or LKQ Parts”. This means that unless you have a vehicle that is less than two years old or less than 20,000.00 km, SGI can put used salvage parts, aftermarket, or remanufactured parts on your vehicle.  If you have an additional package policy that states replacement cost coverage, only new OEM (factory) parts can be put on our vehicle. For more information, contact your local insurance broker.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

We can give you an estimated completion date. However, sometimes there is hidden damage that we can’t see until we begin the repair process and do a tear down. Further approvals may be required from SGI for missed damage and further parts may need to be ordered. Our goal is to return you vehicle back to you properly repaired in the shortest time possible.

What is your typical repair procedure?

Our typical repair procedures are as follows:

  • File your claim with SGI either online or by phone 1-800-647-6448
  • You will have an appointment to take your vehicle to SGI for an estimate of repair damages. Once you have had your appointment with SGI and received your claim sheet, please bring your claim sheet to our shop. Please note: SGI will only honor the claim for two years.
  • We will review SGI’s repair estimate and book your appointment for the next available repair time. We usually require a week or so to order any parts depending on the make of the vehicle.
  • If you are not at fault with your accident, SGI may cover the cost of a rental vehicle. We can arrange a rental vehicle on your behalf at your request or you can arrange your own rental arrangements. If you are not entitled to a rental we can arrange a discounted rental with Budget Car and Truck Rental.
  • We can give you an estimated completion date. However, sometimes there is hidden damage that we can’t see until we begin the repair plan.
  • We go over each vehicle thoroughly and assess for any missing damage or secondary damage (hidden damage found upon tear down).
  • When we find damage that is not on the original estimate we work with SGI for supplemented approval. We use the same estimating system and are connected with SGI to make this as quick and efficient as possible.
  • Upon approval from SGI, we may need to order additional parts that can cause delays in the repair process.
  • Upon completion of the repairs, you vehicle will be cleaned and you will be contacted to arrange pickup.